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Ado — Short history of Ado in English

Short history of Ado in English Ado
Rock-group Ado appeared in 1988 in the town of Kolomna,- the Moscow region. Several home records were made there. In 1990 the group moved to Moscow and recorded its first disc Stop Me, Night, which was published by the then major USSR record company Melodia.

Ado has always played melodious acoustic rock with texts of the Bob Dylan and, to some extent, The Beatles style. The Ado album called Behave Yourself was issued on Belgian label MDC Records. To promote this album Ado was the first group in Russia to shoot an animated plasticine video (for the title song of the album). In 1997 signed a contract on publishing and re-publishing of some their albums with a Russian record company RDM.

Now "Ado" has 8 albums. The latest album is called "Ursus" (2007). Andrei Gorokhov (the author and the singer of group) has written all songs for this album in Lausanne (Switzerland) where there lived some years.

1. Night Soup (home tapes) 1988-89
2. Stop Me, Night 1990
3. Golden Nuts 1992
4. Fragments 1994
5. Behave Yourself 1996
6. Alphabet 1998
7. The Pope Smokes Belomor 2000
8. Ursus 2007
9. Eskimo! 2013

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